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Q: What is the name of the master Program?

A: Master of Leadership and Governance


Q: Who can apply for Master of Leadership and Governance?

A: This programme is open for graduates in any Bachelor’s degree aspiring to excel in leadership and governance of major middle level companies as well as government and donor funded projects. Individuals who are currently holding leadership positions or wish to pursue and practice a career in leadership and governance but lack relevant training, knowledge, skills and tools to interrogate and innovatively solve everyday organizational and social challenges are welcomed.

Also, individuals who are interested or involved in the analysis or practices of leadership and governance and who wish to take up these leadership and governance responsibilities as private practitioners or in public institutions, local or national government, development organizations, bi-lateral and multi-lateral organizations, NGOs, Universities and the private sector. 


Q: What is the duration of the program?  

A: The Masters Degree program shall be offered in two academic years comprising two (2) course work semesters and research project writing.    


Q: How many credit hours does the program have?

A:  The minimum number of credits for this programme is 180. Each semester will have a total of 17 weeks including the time set for written and practical supervised assessments (examinations).


Q: How is the course content structured?

A: A distinct feature of our masters programs is the focus on good governance and practice. All students are expected to take the core modules and select at least two elective modules in a semester. While we advise our student to select their preferred elective modules, the module running is not guaranteed as it will depend on the quorum. The course modules for the program include;

  • Leadership Ethics and Accountability
  • Leadership Theory and Practice
  • Governance Theory and Practice
  • Planning and Resource Management
  • Innovation and Strategic* Thinking*
  • Human Centred Design Thinking*
  • Development Economics*
  • National and International Laws*
  • Policy Analysis
  • Social Science Statistics
  • Research Methodology
  • Financial Management for Leaders
  • Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation*
  • Leading Entrepreneurial organizations*
  • Gender Mainstreaming*
  • Diversity Management*
  • Dissertation Writing and Defense

Note: The ones with * are elective modules


Q: What are the assessment criteria?

A: Assessment is done through continuous assessment ( coursework assignments, tests, group work,  practical exercises and project) and final semester exams.


Q: When will it be offered?

A: We have two intakes in a year, April and October.

Q: How to pay the admission fee using the Lipa number?

A: The MSTCDC Lipa Number: 60534864

Pay instructions click here 

Q: How will be it offered? Is it an online program of face to face?

A: This program will be offered in both ways: Face-to-face as well as blended option. For the blended mode, exams will be held physically at MS TCDC and any other exam Centre that will be identified. The course runs from 5 to 8 pm East Africa Time


Q: What is the language of instruction?

A: English language will be the language of instruction. All students with Non-English foreign awards need to submit a statement of proficiency in English together with their awards both transcripts and certificates translated to the English language


Q: How much does this master’s program cost?

A: The tuition fee for local students is Tsh. 4,950,000 for the whole program excluding other costs such as stationery, personal upkeep, accommodation, and meals. For international students, East Africans will pay $2500, SADEC members $2550 and others $2700 for tuition excluding visa, student permits, award verification, travel, accommodation and other personal costs. The fee is paid on a semester basis. The fee structure is available on the website www.mstcdc.ac.tz


Q: How much is the application fees:

A: A Non Refundable application fee is charged as follows; Tanzanian ( Tsh. 30,000), Other East Africans (USD 20) and Non-East Africans ( USD 30). Payment can be done through a Visa card, mobile money and bank account indicated on the application portal.


Q:  Are there accommodation facilities at the Centre and how much is the cost?

A: Yes, with different options ranging from a single room of 50 dollars per day, a shared room of 30 dollars per day, an apartment of 500 dollars per month and hostel quad accommodation of Tsh. 600,000 per semester


Q. Are there scholarships for the program?

A. We do not offer scholarships for the program and recommend applicants seek other funding sources elsewhere.


Q: What are the requirements for an applicant to be admitted to this master’s program?

A: A candidate must satisfy any of the following minimum requirements


(i) Holders of Bachelor’s degree with at least upper second class or advanced diploma recognized by TCU/NACTVET in any field (s) of study from recognized institutions of higher learning;

(ii) Holders of Bachelor’s degree with lower second class (honors) provided the candidate can show proven evidence of research ability and/or three (3) years relevant post-qualification work experience in a relevant field;

(iii)Holders of Bachelor’s degree with a PASS will also be considered provide the candidate have proven research ability and/or relevant minimum post-qualification work experience of five (5) years;

(iv) A candidate who holds unclassified degrees should have an average credit of B or above;

(v) A candidate holding a degree or advanced diploma whose classification is not easily distinguishable by the Centre shall be required to have his or her qualifications clarified by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) or NACTVET as the case may be before being considered for the admission


Q: As a foreign award holder, do I need to do an assessment of my academic certificates

A: All foreign Bachelor awards must be assessed with the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) through https://faas.tcu.go.tz/login.php .

Admitted students will only be registered upon submitting the assessment result from TCU.


Q: What is needed by a foreign student taking the face-to-face option?

A: All foreign students need to have a study permit to take the course at the Centre. The cost for the permit is USD 250 dollar and the Centre will charge you USD 200 to assist with the processing if need be.


Q: When can I start applying for the program?

A: The application window will be opened in June 2023.


Q: How can a local or international student apply for this Master program?

A: Apply online at www.mstcdc.ac.tz if you have more questions about how to apply you can call us at +255 68 731 9135. For international students, visit the same website and click on the link FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS.



In case of further inquiry, write to the Academic Dean through [email protected] or the Admissions Office through [email protected]